Schoolgirl’s shock discovery in Woolies apple!

She was rushed to hospital
7 News

A teenage girl has spoken out the terrifying moment she believed she swallowed a broken needle after tucking into an apple.

Shelby Pewhairangi was eating the fruit during her lunchbreak at school when she felt a sharp stabbing pain and her friend noticed a needle hanging from her lip.

She told 7 News that the friend said, “Get it out your mouth!’ which caused the 14-year-old to quickly spit it out.

Shelby noticed that the needle was broken and feared she had swallowed the other part.

The schoolgirl rushed to hospital where she had an x-ray to detect if the other half was inside her.

Shelby has since been given the all clear, but is still suffering from the terrifying experience.

She told Sunrise, ‘I still feel a lot of anxiety after what happened.

Needle from Shelby's mouth
The needle Shelby found embedded in her mouth (Credit: 7 News)

‘It has been very worrying to see if the needle was still inside me but it wasn’t. I’m less anxious about it now but I wouldn’t eat apples again.’

It’s believed the fruit came from a bag of apples purchased at Woolworths in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told 7 News, ‘We’ve seen the customer’s report and we’re looking into the matter in line with established procedures.

‘We’re ready to assist authorities in any way we can. While this appears to be an isolated case, we’ve conducted precautionary checks on our stock in the store and found no issues.’

In 2018, there were multiple reports of needles discovered lodged inside strawberries and even a pear

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