Now a sewing needle has been found inside a PEAR

When will it end?
Getty Images

Australia’s needle contamination appears to be back in full swing, after a woman claimed she found a sewing needle inside a pear.

Melbourne makeup artist Claire Bonser was munching on a pear while driving when she noticed the needle.

‘I was just chomping on it and for some reason happened to look down before the next bite and saw it,’ she told ABC News.

‘It was a little bit terrifying, I started to think what might be on the needle.’

The woman bought the pear from a Woolworths store in Berwick, Melbourne’s south-east, and reported the incident to another store in Seaford.

It comes after several people across Australia spotted needles lodged inside strawberries, sparking an international crisis.

A 50-year-old Queensland woman was recently arrested following a criminal investigation into the needle contamination.

It was found the woman, who worked as a farm supervisor, hid needles inside strawberries out of ‘spite’.

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