Changing the world one rat at a time

Source: Instagram / @radicalrodentrescue

Since 2003 Jenn Paz from California has been rescuing and housing neglected, abandoned or surrendered rodents.

‘Rodents are most certainly misunderstood animals, people are still connecting them with the plague,’ Jenn told 60 Second Docs.

Often rescuing rats, guinea pigs, mice and even chinchillas Jenn often receives large groups of these small animals from cosmetic testing laboratories.

Providing a safe space to live Jenn takes in each rodent and makes sure they are housed correctly to meet their needs – whether that be in a group situation or a solo home.

‘They are extremely emotional and loving,’ Jenn told the documentary. ‘They are super intelligent.’

With a large amount of domestic rodents being discharged and released into the wild Jen wants to ensure these creatures live out the rest of their lives happy in her rescue.  

‘They are dumped at an astronomical level,’ Jenn said.

Ratical Rodent Rescue say they aim to ‘improve the life of domestic rodents and other small animals through education, rescue and rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide placement through adoption or sanctuary.’

‘I want people to see that they are valuable,’ Jenn said.

Speaking with 60 Second Docs Jenn opened up about her battles with anxiety.

‘I found that rats helped me with my anxiety, they are just freakin’ awesome companions,’ she said.

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