Man allegedly killed pug puppy that was ‘thrown over wall’

How could anyone be so cruel?

A man has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly killing a pug puppy.

Police allege the 29-year-old man from Perth broke into a couple’s home and caused the death of Coco, who belonged to Tahnee and Nebojsa Vuksan.

They believe the man broke into the couple’s home last Sunday (11 August) between 3.30am and 4am, and burgled the residence.

During the break-in, he allegedly threw the eight-month-old pup over a perimeter wall.

Mr and Mrs Vuksan were visiting Sydney for the weekend, while Mrs Vuksan’s mother was pet-sitting at the house. She was sleeping when the incident happened.

Coco’s lifeless body was discovered by a neighbour on a footpath outside the couple’s home around 7am on the same day.

Tahnee and Nebojsa Vuksan with Coco the pug
Pictured: Tahnee and Nebojsa Vuksan/Coco the pug (Credit: Instagram/tahnee__a)

Speaking about their beloved pet, Mrs Vuksan told 9News, ‘She was our family, she was my baby – you wait for her to run to the door and see you, it’s sad.’

Mr Vuksan added, ‘Just heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken. We don’t need this stress, Tahnee is pregnant as well.’

The same man was also charged over an incident where he allegedly assaulted an elderly woman and stole her handbag.

He will appear in Fremantle Magistrates court.

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