TV presenter doesn’t realise everyone can see his bare legs

He insists he was wearing shorts!

When you’re appearing on live TV, being fully dressed seems like a pretty important box to tick off your checklist.

But during the pandemic, many people working from home have taken a more relaxed approach to workwear – and in some cases too relaxed.

Reporter Will Reeve, from the US’ ABC News, found himself caught out when he went live on Good Morning America dressed in a suit, tie and jacket – and what seemed to be a pair of boxers.

Believing just the top half of his body would be on screen, Reeve’s missing pants were shown when a computer graphic across the bottom of the vision was removed – revealing his thighs to the world.

And viewers were quick to pick up on the gaffe.

While Reeve, who is the son of the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, was talking about how pharmacies could use drones to deliver prescriptions during the Covid-19 crisis, his lack of clothing proved a distraction.

As photos of the mishap went viral, Reeve assured viewers via Twitter that he had been wearing a pair of gym shorts, not underwear, as he was planning a home workout afterwards. And he admitted that he ‘wouldn’t be getting hired as a camera operator anytime soon.’

Will admitted he was embarrassed by the blunder (Credit: Twitter)

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