Mum pleads guilty to child abuse of son ‘kept in dog kennel’

He was just 7-years-old

A mum has pleaded guilty to child abuse, which resulted in the death of her 7-year-old son.

Elisha Pankey, entered in to a plea deal, where she cooperated with prosecutors who has charged the boy’s father with murder.

According to Yahoo News, Pankey, 43, from Denver, United States, began cooperating with investigators two months after she was charged.

Caden McWilliams’ body was discovered last December by authorities, when they were investigating allegations of domestic violence that Pankey made against her husband, Leland Pankey.

The child’s body was found in a storage unit.

Ms Pankey told police that her husband physically abused Caden and refused to feed him.

She also said that in mid-July ‘a few days before his death’, Mr Pankey kept his son in a dog kennel.

A witness told police the mother told her that despite cries of being thirsty and hot, the boy stayed in a kennel overnight.

Elisha Pankey and Leland Pankey
Elisha Pankey and Leland Pankey (Credit: Denver Police/Denver District Attorney’s Office)

The witness also said that Pankey revealed that her and her husband took Caden’s body to the storage unit, where they poured concrete over him and wrapped the dog kennel in plastic bags.

An autopsy found signs that the boy was severely emaciated and evidence of injuries to his head, chest and limbs, some of which were signs of healing.

Caden last attended school in late May 2018, his mother then withdrew his from school that autumn, stating he would be home-schooled.

Leland is currently serving a state prison sentence on unrelated charges and is due back in court on September 13.

He is also charged with child abuse resulting in death and tampering with a deceased human body.

Elisha Pankey will not be sentenced until after her husband’s trial.

But the plea agreement approved by a judge recommends she spends between 16 and 32 years in prison.

Authorities will not explain why the boy’s last name is different to his parents.

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