Mum of Quaden Bayles hits back at trolls over false claim bullied youngster lied about his age

It comes after the video of the distraught nine-year-old went viral

The mum of bullied Queensland youngster Quaden Bayles has hit back at trolls who accused the nine-year-old of lying about his age.

Quaden went viral earlier this year after his mum shared a video of him crying and saying he wanted to die after being targeted by bullies at his school.

The clip of the youngster, who has dwarfism, was shared around the world in a bid to call out bullying and raise awareness of the impact it has on children.

A fundraiser was set up by a comedian in the US who also has dwarfism and celebrities flooded Quaden with messages of support.

But as donations poured in, some vile trolls accused the youngster and his family of lying about his age – claiming he was older than nine.

In a new video shared to Instagram, his mum Yarraka sought to shut down the conspiracy theory.

She posted a video of a smiling Quaden holding his passport and zoomed in on the date, clearly showing his year of birth as 2010.

Alongside the clip, she wrote: ‘I can understand why people think my son @quaden_the_kid is not really 9y.o.

‘He’s an old soul, wise beyond his years and definitely the smartest, strongest kid I will ever know. He has so much swag and attitude, unlike any other 9y.o you’ll ever meet.

‘He is obviously not you’re average kid but like any other person, he just wants to be happy and healthy and I will do all I can to ensure that. So just to set the record straight…

‘Quaden was born at 12:15pm on Monday December 13, 2010! As you can clearly see here on his passport that was issued 22nd September 2017 before our first trip to Fiji.

‘A simple google search can also prove the facts or watch the documentary in bio.’

Quaden and his family most recently turned down a trip to Disneyland, vowing to donate the $308,000 to charity instead.

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