Mum claims taking magic mushrooms makes her a better parent

'I knew I was high, so it wasn't scary'

A woman has claimed that by taking small amounts of magic mushrooms, she has become a better, more patient parent.

The trend better known as ‘microdosing’ involves the participant to take minute amounts of psychedelic drugs to improve their productivity and reduce signs of stress and anxiety.

After being on and off antidepressants since her 20s, the anonymous woman said she first heard about microdosing on a podcast.

During the program, the speaker talked about how she was so stressed so she could feel it damaging her body every single day and other coping mechanisms such as meditation only temporarily helped.

The woman related to the story in the podcast so much she began researching more about taking the drugs and exactly how to do it.

Instead of taking three grams, which she claims would give her a ‘full trip’, she would instead take around 0.33 grams to reset her nervous system.

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The woman has since spoken about the first time she took the drugs, explaining she thought it would be safer to do so at nighttime.

‘I didn’t want to risk seeing cows with wings on the drive to pick up my kids from school,’ she said.

So instead she waited until her children were in bed and drank two tiny mushrooms in a mug with hot water.

‘At first I felt nothing, but I remember looking up and thinking wow stars are amazing.’

‘I knew I was high, so it wasn’t scary.’

The woman explained she spent a pleasant hour by the fire watching the flames dancing before heading to bed where she felt ‘lighter’.

The following morning she woke up and realised it was the first time she could remember just sitting and being part of the world around her.

She claims the feeling of relaxation lasted for months.

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Prior to microdosing, the woman said she always struggled with doing kid things like getting down on the floor and playing with Lego, describing it like ‘sticking a hot fork in my eye’.

But since experimenting with the psychedelics, she insists she has become a more patient parent.

‘It’s not like I’ve suddenly developed a love for monster trucks,’ she revealed.

‘But I can now sit with my children on the floor while they play and notice the sun shining through the window on their hair’.

‘I can feel comfortable enough to lay on the couch with them without needing to always be multitasking’.

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