Mother says son-in-law ‘deserves a medal’ after beating her daughter to death

So tragic

The mother of a woman who was beaten to death with a crowbar by her son-in-law has defended his actions in court.

David Pomphret was found guilty of murdering his wife Ann at their Cheshire stables in November last year after he repeatedly struck her with the weapon more than 30 times.

The pair had just returned home after visiting the supermarket together.

The court heard that after the brutal attack, David was the one to reach out to emergency services when he phone police to report that he’d found his wife’s battered body.

‘There is brain and blood everywhere and it looks like she has had her head beaten in,’ he said during the call.

However, the police discovered that David was behind the sickening attack after they located the bloodied crowbar in a nearby pond. 

In an attempt to cover up the crime, David had also changed out of his blood-soaked clothes, but failed to change his socks which contained airborne spatters of blood which proved he was present at the time of his wife’s death.

David claimed that he simply lost control with his wife and blamed her bullying for his actions.

While he initially pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier this year, a jury found David guilty of murder following a two-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court just last week.

Crown Prosecution Service
Ann Marie Pomphret (Credit: Crown Prosecution Service)

During the trial, the court heard that Ann had suffered from a range of mental health issues and was on the autism spectrum.

Her own mother Carol Buckley described David as an ‘angel’ and said he ‘deserved a medal’ for putting up with her daughter.

However, the jury were convinced that David’s actions could only be described as a vicious murder.

Detective Inspector Adam Waller, who was in charge of the investigation, described the case as ‘truly shocking’.

‘What [David] did that day ripped a family apart and he will now have to face the consequences of that behind bars.’

He is yet to be sentenced.

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