Mother-in-law goes viral for SPOONING groom in wedding photo

Some called it 'deeply disturbing'

A wedding photo has gone viral after the mother-in-law was slammed for spooning the groom!

In the photo, which was taken outside a church, the bride and groom can be seen posing with their respective families. 

But many were shocked to see a woman – labeled as the mother-in-law – firmly grasping her son’s hand and placing her leg closely behind his.

Plenty of people were quick to comment on the snap, which was shared on Reddit’s ‘Just NO MIL’ thread.

One social media user wrote, ‘Nothing like firmly grasping your son’s hand while spooning him on his wedding day. Getting her kicks in, I guess.’

Another added, ‘She looks like she’s desperately clutching his hand. It just looks awkward.’

One simply commented, ‘The death grip on the husband’s hand is telling.’

Someone even described it as ‘deeply disturbing.’

Others were keen to share their own similar experiences, with one user describing their own mother-in-law doing an identical pose.

She said, ‘LOL…I have a picture of my MiL doing the exact same death grip on my DH on our wedding day! I suspect emotion got the better of her though in our case.’

‘She has had her moments (don’t we all) but DH has always been the keeper of firm boundaries,’ she added.

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