Christmas magic: Meet the woman with real-life Rudolphs!

So sweet

Cassie, 33, is proof that it’s not just Santa who gets to have his own pet reindeer.

Here, she shares her story in her own words.

Pulling up to my parents Kim and Kent’s home, I grinned as I saw my two girls running towards me.

‘Hey cuties,’ I cooed as I got out of the car and gave my pet deer – Lulu and Teddy – a pat.

Mum and Dad had run a deer farm for years on their 60-hectare property.

Living up the road with my hubby Chad, I drove over every day to help out.

Farmers from all over the state would bring us their fawns to raise.

And Mum and I would spend our days bottle-feeding the babies.

A huge deer fan, I adored spending my days with them.


Cassie and her deer

Taking them in as babies, they moved in with me, Chad and our dog, Lockey.

Putting them in nappies, I fed them regularly with a bottle – just like you would a human bub.

Little Lulu even slept in the bed between me, Chad and Lockey.

It was a bit of a squeeze, but totally worth it!

‘Lucky I love them as much as I love you,’ Chad chuckled.

I’d spend afternoons lying in the grass with them as they snoozed.

Chad and I don’t have children, so the girls are our kids and we love them deer-ly!

I’ve even set up an Instagram account, @DeerGirl86, to document my precious memories with them.

Now they’re bigger, they live on Mum and Dad’s farm – often sleeping on the porch of the house.

But as soon as I arrive to work, they’ll come trotting over to say hello.

Lulu is particularly affectionate and follows me wherever I go.

Cassie with Lockey and Lulu
Me with Lockey and Lulu

If I go inside, she’ll put her head up to the windows, trying to see where I am.

She will even yelp to get my attention!

And as soon as I walk out, Lulu comes over, giving me affection and grooming me like I’m a deer.

Teddy is a little more independent, but she’ll still give me a kiss when I see her.

And both of them adore Lockey – the three of them are absolute besties!

My grandparents, Sammy and Conrad, live on a patch of land nearby.

Every day, Lulu and Teddy will stroll through the trail of trees to see them.

‘Your girls are over here,’ Grandma will say to me on the phone.

With Christmas around the corner, I’m so excited for our festive celebrations with Lulu and Teddy.

It’ll be our first Chrissy with the girls and I can’t wait to give them a few treats.

I’ll also be dressing them up in something festive – after all, they’re my real-life Rudolphs!

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