Touching moment medics celebrate as four-month-old with coronavirus has ventilator removed

Such lovely news
Nacho Sánchez

 A team of hardworking medics broke into applause after a four-month-old baby had their ventilator turned off. 

On March 17, the bub was admitted to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, Spain after contracting coronavirus. 

But as his condition deteriorated, he was quickly transferred to the Maternal and Infant Hospital in Malaga. 

The infant spent almost three weeks on the intensive care unit before making a miraculous recovery. 

Medics were finally able to take him off a ventilator at the weekend and the heart-warming moment was captured in camera. 

Staff clapped and cheered as they watched from a window as the tiny boy had his breathing tubes removed. 

The uplifting video was shared in a Twitter post, along with the caption, It’s not all bad news – we have some joy to share.’ 

José Camacho, head of paediatric ICU, explained, ‘On this occasion, it was extubating a very special patient – a four-month-old baby who was admitted to the Materno Infantil Hospital, in Malaga, with coronavirus.’ 

He said the boy’s condition had progressed in a ‘satisfactory manner’ and that such severe cases of COIV-19 in an infant is ‘exceptional.’ 

Mr Camacho added that the baby is now ‘very stable’ and said these positive cases ‘fills [medics] with strength to continue fighting this disease.’ 

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