Son’s revenge: He rigged the house with explosives

So shocking

Gregory Lee Rodvelt, 66, already had a long history of criminal behaviour when his then 90-year-old mother sued him for elder abuse.

Reports state she was awarded around $3 million and Gregory was forced to sell his six-hectare property to pay her.

Gregory Lee Rodvelt

In prison for a previous offence, Gregory was released for two weeks so he could prepare the property for sale.

When the real estate agent arrived, discovered a sign that read ‘protected with improvised devices.’

Given Gregory had a history with explosives, the FBI and bomb squad were called, and they reportedly discovered the entire property had been booby trapped.

The hot tub

Likened to an Indiana Jones movie, a trip line attached to the front gate was rigged to cause a hot tub to roll down a hill, barely missing the entering officers.

Court reports say the driveway was riddled with spike strips, a mini-van was full of animal snares and a rat trap was rigged to fire a gun when the garage door was opened.

An FBI agent was also shot in the leg when he moved a wheelchair that was rigged to a shotgun.

When asked if police could expect any other surprises, Rodvelt allegedly replied, ‘I wouldn’t race right in.’

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