Dog left ’emaciated’ by cruel NSW owner needs a new home

How could anyone do this?

A dog left emaciated and dehydrated by his owner is searching for a new furever home with a family who’ll love him as much as he deserves to be.

Beautiful Larry, a brindle Staffordshire bull terrier, was found with another dog on the brink of death in Esendor Park, NSW.

Rescued by the RSPCA, he is now thriving and while he waits for his new home, he’s being cared for by foster carers.

The emaciated dogs were found on January 19 2019, by an RSPCA inspector. They both had protruding hips, ribs and spines, sunken eyes and bleeding ears. There was no food, water or sufficient shelter available to the dogs.

Larry when he was found. (Credit: RSPCA)

The inspector immediately seized the pair and the brindle dog, later named Larry, collapsed and needed to be carried to the inspector’s vehicle.

A vet found that they had severe fly-bitten ears and suffered from dehydration. The tan dog unfortunately could not be saved and was humanely euthanised.

The tan and brindle dogs found by the RSPCA. (Credit: RSPCA.)

A 37-year-old man from Edensor Park failed to appear at Fairfield Local Court on Tuesday, September 17 in relation to five offences of animal cruelty against the two dogs.

Convicted in his absence, he was fined $2500 for each charge in relation to a failure to provide proper and sufficient food, failure to provide veterinary treatment for poor body condition, dehydration, severely fly-bitten ears and periodontal disease.

In addition to the fines the defendant was banned from purchasing, acquiring, or taking possession or custody of any animal for five years and ordered to pay veterinary costs of $3108 to RSPCA NSW.

In an earlier RSPCA interview, the man said that he’d owned the dogs since they were puppies and had noticed they were losing weight over four month but had not sought vet treatment for them.

Larry needs a new home. (Credit: RSPCA.)

Despite his hard start in life, Larry is now thriving but is desperate for a home to call his own. 

‘I am the perfect gentleman,’ reads his description online. ‘I really enjoy nice long walks, hanging out watching TV and soaking up the sun in the yard but no dog parks please. I find these a little over whelming.’

If you would like to adopt him you can find out more here.

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