Kind stranger buys 30 coffees for unemployed waiting in Centrelink queue

Acts of kindness are what we need right now!

A generous stranger has been praised after he handed out 30 cups of coffee to unemployed people who were queueing outside Centrelink. 

This morning, hundreds of people were waiting at Centrelink. It comes after 88,000 workers lost their jobs due to the government’s recent closure of pubs, bars, cinemas and gyms in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

We may have witnessed the worst in humanity recently (toilet paper, anyone?) but this recent act of kindness proves there is still a lot of good in the world. 

The kind-hearted bloke anonymously ordered 30 takeaway coffees at Fuel Espresso café in Brookvale, Sydney’s northern beaches. 

Staff at the café delivered the hot drinks to those who were waiting in the rain. 

One recipient, Mia, shared the kind act on a Facebook, writing, ‘This made my day. Waiting in the massive queue for Centrelink, staff from Fuel Espresso offered a free coffee.’ 

Kind stranger buys 30 coffees for people in Centrelink queue

‘A customer paid for 30 coffees for all people waiting in the rain. It’s important to see good things in a difficult time. This lifted my spirit. Thank you so much for all your kindness. You’ve lifted the spirit of a lot more people than 30 today.’ 

Some speculated the mystery man was called Troy. 

Many were moved by the stranger’s generosity. One person commented, ‘Glad to see the kind spirit in Australia community, together we will pull through these hurdles.’ 

Another said, ‘Such a beautiful gesture. What a lovely person.’ 

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