How to keep your home and office clean during Covid-19 pandemic

Help yourself stay safe

COVID-19 is known to spread through respiratory droplets, like mucus or saliva, from person to person.


Those droplets can land on surfaces, which others may come into contact with and become infected by putting their hands to their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Coronaviruses can live on surfaces for hours in the right environment, according to the World Health Organisation.

So how can you effectively clean your home and workplace to keep yourself, your family and colleagues safe?

Professor Mary Louise McLaws, a COVID-19 advisor to the WHO, recommends following a two-step preventive measure: ‘cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection.’

Keep surfaces clean as well as your hands (Credit: Getty Images)

She says you should wipe down commonly touched items, including door knobs, toilet buttons, toilet seat lids and your iPhone screen, before disinfecting them using diluted household bleach or cleaning liquids with at least 70 per cent alcohol.

Products containing Sodium hypochlorite, Isopropanol and Ethanol are the most effective.

You should also regularly wipe down surfaces including your kitchen bench and dining table.

At work, always wipe down your workspace, phone and keyboard with disinfectant before starting a shift, Professor McLaws insists.

Regular hand washing is recommended, as well as staying 1.5 metres away from colleagues and teleconferencing or emailing instead of holding meetings.

If possible, and your employer allows it, you should work from home.

This article originally appeared on 7News and is republished with permission.

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