Horrifying discovery made inside 4.7m CROCODILE’S stomach

Could the beast have eaten a human?
Facebook/Koorana Crocodile Farm

Staff at Koorana Crocodile Farm, in Queensland, were shocked to find a stainless steel orthopaedic plate complete with six screws inside the gut of a recently deceased crocodile named ‘MJ’. 

The chilling discovery was made during an autopsy after the 4.7m beast died after a fight with another croc named Big Joe, according to the ABC

‘Imagine our surprise when we opened up the gut on this large croc and found what looks to be an orthopaedic plate!’ Koorana Crocodile Farm posted on its Facebook page. 

‘So what has MJ been up to?

‘He was a wild caught croc from Queensland that we purchased from another farm years ago. No staff and no pets are missing here! So, for now it’s a mystery…’

Social media users had several theories. 

‘Probably ate the owner of the plate!’ one commented, with another echoing, ‘Looks like someone had to dispose of a body…’ 

Maybe he’s been chewing on some surgical waste that was illegally dumped. I would hate to think otherwise,’ another woman wrote. 

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