Could YOU live in a room like this? Bedroom is slammed for its ‘disgusting’ mess

One person said they could 'smell the room through my phone'

A photo of a dirty bedroom has been slammed on online for its ‘disgusting’ state.

Fed up with their roommate’s mess, one person uploaded the state of the room to the Facebook group, Awful roomates: roomates from hell.

In the picture, the carpet can barely be seen as it’s strewn with dirty plates, boxes and various other objects.

Along with the snap, the social media user wrote, ‘My roommate is refusing to clean, he hasn’t done dishes all but two times in the time he has been here.’

Continuing, they wrote, ‘I told him multiple times to clean up his f****** dishes which are everywhere! And his room which smells like old c**, lube, a** and spoiled food.

‘He says he has a therapy appointment in five hours so he can’t clean today but I’ve been at work al f***** week trying not to have a breakdown when I come home,’ the outraged person concluded.

Messy kitchen
(Credit: Facebook)

They also shared a photo of their kitchen, which was littered with dirty dishes.

Many were quick to criticise the room, with one person writing, ‘Literally what the f*** is that bedroom.’

Another wrote, ‘Nooooope. I’m obsessed with having a clean house and would not be able to handle this level of filth, at all.’

Someone else simply said, ‘How do people live like this.’

However, others defended the man, suggesting he may be battling mental health.

‘This is depression,’ one wrote.

Yet someone else pointed out, ‘Not everyone with a nasty room is depressed. Some people are just gross. You also cannot tell someone is depressed only by looking at their room. I have chronic depression and anxiety and my room is cluttered but not disgusting. This is just disgusting. I can smell the room through my phone.’

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