Man killed by bear as he slept in tent

The French musician was camping in Canada

Friends have described Julian Gauthier as ‘sensitive’ and ‘generous’

A man has been mauled together by a grizzly bear as he camped at a remote spot in Canada.

Musician Julian Gauthier, 44, was travelling with his friend Camille Toscani, out in the wilderness recording nature sounds for his work.

One week ago, he posted on Facebook about the area, around Tulita, being so isolated that the pair had met four bears but no people three days into their trip.

Gauthier, who was a member of France’s Brittany Symphony Orchestra, was attacked by the bear in the middle of the night.

Toscani went to find help, coming across a group of travellers who set off a distress beacon.

Julian Gauthier composer killed by a grizzly bear
Julian Gauthier was recording nature sounds for his work when he was attacked by a bear (Credit: Facebook/Julian Gauthier)
A Canadian grizzly bear
A Canadian grizzly bear (Credit: Getty Stock Image)

Evacuating Toscani and the travellers by helicopter,  launched a search for the missing man.

His body was found the next afternoon, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirming he had been killed by a bear.

Gauthier’s friend, Marc Feldman, paid tribute to a ‘sensitive, generous and talented man.’

Meanwhile Toscani told Le Parisien that Gauthier had been ‘inspired by open spaces and nature.’

It’s understood he leaves behind his girlfriend, Laura, and father, Alain.

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