Granddad who allegedly dropped granddaughter from cruise ship speaks out

So sad
Salvatore Anello appeared on CBS to talk about the death of his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand.

The grandfather of 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand who died after allegedly falling from his arms from a cruise ship window has spoken out for the first time.

Despite his family’s plea not to pursue the case, Salvatore Anello, 50, has been charged with negligent manslaughter in relation to his granddaughter’s death which happened aboard the Freedom of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise ship in July when it was docked in Puerto Rico.

Now he’s spoken to CBS about that fateful day Chloe died.

It’s alleged he held the toddler up to a window on the 11th floor of the ship believing it was closed, but the pane of glass was actually pulled open.

‘I had her, and I was trying to knock on the glass,’ said Anello. ‘And at that point I’m like, “Well, I’m going to have to lean farther for her to be able to reach it,” right? Because I thought it was farther out than I expected

‘I didn’t realise there wasn’t any glass until it was absolutely too late. When she first fell I thought she fell in front of me.’

Chloe Wiegand fell to her death from Freedom of the Seas cruise ship. (Credit: Getty.)

But horrifyingly Chloe had fallen out of the window and plunged 150 feet to her death.

‘I saw her fall, I saw her fall the whole way down. I just remember screaming that I thought there was glass,’ recalls her grandad.

Anello appeared in court last week in San Juan, Puerto Rico in relation to the incident.

According to a statement from the Puerto Rican Department of Justice, prosecutors allege Anello ‘negligently exposed the child to the abyss through a window on the 11th floor.’

When asked by CBS about the legal proceedings, Anello said: ‘Chloe being gone is the worst thing that ever, so I’m like whatever. There’s nothing worse they can do to me.’

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