Father tries to sell son to pay back gambling debt

'I will give him to you'

A Chinese father has reportedly tried to sell his baby son online for $4000 to cover mounting gambling debt.

Earlier this week the man shared a video of his son on social media where he can be heard asking ‘who wants him?’

Sharing the footage on social media platform WeChat, the man located in Guangdong in the country’s south appears to be playing with his child before uttering ‘I will give him to you’.

In an accompanying post the man said he had huge gambling debts and had no other way to pay back the online loan sharks.

‘If any of you bosses likes the child, please contact me immediately,’ he wrote.

However, after facing intense backlash from other users, the father said he realised his mistake and begged for forgiveness.

‘I was troubled by something and in a bad mood,’ he said.

It’s reported that an investigation into the matter is currently underway.

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