Family goes viral with hilarious isolation-themed parody of hit Les Mis song ‘One Day More’

This made us chuckle!

A family have become an online sensation after recording an isolation-themed parody of themselves singing to the Les Misérables hit One Day More.

The Marsh family, from the UK, have racked up 407,000 shares with their impressive performance.

Recorded by Dr Ben Marsh, his wife Danielle and their four children, aged four to 13, the family sing in harmony from the comfort of their living room.

They changed the lyrics to reflect the difficulties of life in self-isolation, from the struggles of home schooling to the demand for online supermarket shopping.

Danielle, 42, opens the song with the lyrics: ‘One day more, another day, another destiny’

‘Shopping for online delivery. I tried again, only to find, there’s nothing ‘til September time. One day more.’

Other lyrics include, ‘Here’s a little walk, there’s a little ride. Sunshine’s such a bummer when we’re stuck inside.

And: ‘Our grandparents are miles away. They can’t work Skype! We’re brokenhearted.’

The musical family have created various other videos during their isolation and say it has helped to keep them busy and entertained.

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Sharing the Les Mis video, Dr Marsh wrote: ‘This is the last one we are going to do on a lockdown theme, but it felt very apt.

‘And it might be just in time to cheer up some friends and family who have had – or are about to have – birthdays, all by themselves.’

The post quickly went viral as people all over the globe listened to their clever rendition.

One Facebook user commented: ‘What a wonderful example of what we all can be as families in this crisis (okay maybe not all as organized or in-tune as you!)

‘Thank you for the laughter and grins.’

In another post, Danielle and Ben thanked people for their comments and urged viewers to donate to a global fund to support those impacted by coronavirus.

Around the world, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 1,202,900 and claimed the lives of over 60,000 people.

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