Family devastated after thief steals baby’s ashes from home

How could anyone be so heartless?

A family has been left devastated after their baby’s ashes were stolen during a home invasion in the middle of the day.

Jim and Sue LaDeur from Illinois, had cremated their son, Billy, after he tragically died at just 10 days old.

Speaking to abc7, Sue said she couldn’t breathe when she realised her son’s ashes had been stolen.

Elmhurst Police confirmed they were called to a home in Melrose on Tuesday after receiving a report of a residential burglary.

Sue revealed it was that upon visiting their home, it was the police who noticed the dust was ‘disturbed’ on the cabinet where they kept their son’s memorial.

‘I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t believe it. Of all the things to take. Take everything. None of it matters,’ she said.

Jim added he thought that someone may have taken the box thinking it may contain jewellery.

‘That’s all we can think of,’ he added.

Police are continuing to search CCTV footage from the neighbourhood in the hope they can catch the criminal.

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