Evil couple who raped a two-year-old have been jailed for life

So awful
Gerrad Coddington and Christina Nelson-Coddington. CREDIT:

Evil parents who raped a two-year-old and plotted to abuse an unborn child have been jailed for life.

Gerrad Coddington, 25, and Christina Nelson-Coddington, 29, of Oklahoma, US, were given whole life terms without chance of parole for sex crimes against children.

They were sentenced on 29 counts including rape, child abuse, incest and manufacturing child pornography, reports News9.

The Attorney General’s office began investigating the couple when they received two cyber tips reported by Facebook. The tip off suggested that a user with the Coddington’s IP address was sending sexually explicit material of children through the Messenger platform. 

After their property was searched, they were charged in June when explicit photos were found on an iPhone on their property. 

Back in July when further charges were announced, court documents said the pair beat, handcuffed and raped a two-year-old girl and conspired to commit incest with an unborn child.

Attorney General Mike Hunter described the acts as horrific.

‘The actions of these two individuals, with regard to the children who were subjected to these horrific acts, unconscionable, unforgivable,’ he said.

‘These are evil people who presented a danger to society. I commend Judge Edwards’ decision to hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

‘I applaud the investigators with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the investigator in my office with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the attorneys who worked on this case to achieve a successful result.

‘We have an agent that is deployed and works with a task force full time. It’s her job. She deserves a lot of credit here.’

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