Dad left horrified after ‘infected teenager’ wipes spit on three-year-old daughter in vile attack

A dad and his daughter were targeted by youths in Barnsley, England (stock image). Credit: Getty

A British dad has been left horrified after a thug who claimed to have coronavirus wiped spit on his three-year-old daughter.

Matt Batty had been returning home from the shops with his daughter Alice-Rose when a group of teenagers began taunting him.

Speaking to his local newspaper, The Examiner, Mr Batty said he’s afraid to let his daughter outside on her bike after the horrible experience.

He said: ‘They all then sped round and started hurling abuse at us and I told them to calm it down because she’s three years old – just leave it be.

‘I heard this spitting noise and I thought ‘are you joking me?’

‘I felt something hit my back and then I saw one of them spit in his hand and wipe it down the side of my daughter’s face and say ‘I’ve got corona’.’

Mr Batty said his daughter hid behind him in fear as the youths then tried to steal his shopping.

Afterwards, his daughter burst into tears and now she fears going outside in case the teens return.

Mr Batty’s wife Katie was also ‘fuming’ about the attack on their daughter, according to the Examiner. 

South Yorkshire Police confirmed they are aware of the incident and officers are investigating.

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