Couple’s ‘tacky’ wedding note sparks outrage

It's caused a stir online

A US couple have sparked outrage after the ‘rude’ notes they sent to people who didn’t make the cut for their wedding guest list were shared online.

In their notes, the soon-to-be married couple explained that their venue simply didn’t accommodate everyone.

However, they promised their rejected guests that they would keep them in their hearts during their ‘celebration of love’.

But it was the last line of their note that left people reeling after the couple encouraged others to donate to their honeymoon, despite missing out on an invitation to their big day.

‘As much as we would love to for you to attend, sadly, our venue can not accomodate everyone,’ the note began.

‘We are sure to keep you in our hearts in this celebration of love,‘ it continued.

‘If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon,’ the note said.

The note in question (Credit: Reddit)

Sharing the image to Reddit, one of the recipients of the note labelled the note ‘rude’.

‘The polite way to ask for money is to create a cute website saying you don’t need gifts, instead you would like help creating memories,’ they said.

‘But definitely don’t send a note like this to people who aren’t invited,’ they wrote.

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(Credit: Getty Images)

Other users were quick to agree with the person behind the post, with many claiming it was outrageous for the couple to request money in that way.

‘This is so tacky,’ one person commented.

‘The audacity to beg for money… for your wedding which they aren’t even invited to. F**k that!! How about save your money, live within your means and have some dignity,’ another wrote.

A third person called the situation ‘horrendous,’ adding they that wouldn’t reply if they received a similar note.

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