‘Cheeky’ grandma delighted by stripper on her 100th birthday

She even requested a 'full monty'

Elva Larsen only wanted two things to mark her 100th birthday – a stripper and a letter from the queen.

The centenarian was lucky enough to be granted both wishes when she recently celebrated her milestone at her aged care home in Melbourne, Australia.

Organised by her daughter, Carolynn Larsen, Elva’s special performance from ‘Johnny Star’ was everything she had hoped for.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Carolynn revealed her mum still had some ‘cheek’.

‘Her reactions made me laugh til I cried, especially when she covered her eyes only to peek through her fingers,’ she said.

Describing the show, Carolynn said ‘the young man played up to her beautifully – playful and teasing but not too sexy’.

She even revealed that Elva was lucky enough to get the full monty – but only briefly.

Recounting the experience, the male performer admitted Elva was the oldest customer he’d had during his 10 years in the industry.

‘All she was saying the whole time was ‘I’m going to pinch his bottom’ – and she did,’ he said, adding she also smacked him with his own belt.

‘I said to her ‘I am not just a piece of meat, Elva’ and everyone was giggling,’ he recalled.

As hoped, Elva was also thrilled to receive a letter from the Queen, which had been her sole ambition for the last 30 years.

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