Brother pays tribute to woman found dead in Brisbane park

So tragic

The brother of a woman found dead in a Brisbane park has paid tribute to his sister who he described as a ‘kind soul’.

The body of Ioli Hadjilyra, 26, was found by council workers in Kalinga Park on Wednesday in what’s being treated as a suspected murder.

Originally from Cyprus, Ioli had moved to Australia to be with her father in 2016.

The body of Ioli Hadjilyra, 26, was found by council workers in Kalinga Park. (Credit: Facebook)

Ioli’s brother Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra, who lives in Cyprus, said he was devastated his sister had died so far away from most of her family.

‘[My father] phoned me yesterday and said police had come to him about midnight your time. Obviously he was upset,’ he told the Brisbane Times.

Alexander-Michael said he hadn’t been in contact with his sister in recent years as she’d led un unhealthy lifestyle.

‘If I had the chance to tell her, I would tell her what I always tell her, and that is to take care of your life,’ he told the publication.

‘She was a kind soul, it is just that she strayed away.’

Ioli was a talented artist and police described how they found sketches close to her body. She didn’t have a wallet or phone on her and there may have been attempts to disguise her body in the bushes.

Ioli Hadjilyra has been described as a kind soul. (Credit: Facebook.)

‘If it turns out that this is the crime of murder then it’s the most grievous crime that we can have against another otherwise innocent woman,’ said Detective Inspector Tim Trezise.

Police are appealing for members of the public who may have been in the area of the park on Tuesday or Wednesday to come forward if they have any information.

‘I assume any number of people have potentially cycled or walk past that location today and perhaps unknowingly the lady had been there the whole time in the garden bed,’ said Detective Trezise.

Ioli Hadjilyra. (Credit: Facebook.)

An autopsy is expected in upcoming days.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report it to Crime Stoppers online here.

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