Brisbane mum slammed for selling toilet paper she stockpiled

She's selling it for double the usual price

A Brisbane mum who stockpiled toilet paper has been heavily criticized for trying to sell on her stash. 

Taking to Facebook, the anonymous woman explained that she was, ’selling excess toilet paper that I no longer need.’ 

The mum had pictured 21 packs of Quilton toilet paper – each contain 18 rolls – and was asking for $20 per packet. This is double the price that Coles charges. 

She added in the post, ‘Don’t attack me for making sure my family was prepared for the pandemic.’ 

Outraged by the post, many slammed the mum, calling her greedy and selfish. 

One wrote, ‘369 rolls seriously that’s not prepared that’s greed.’ 

Another typed. ‘While she overstocked she left nothing for the poor elderly or the normal people who didn’t over stock, now she’s realised what a f***ing idiot she was for stockpiling so she is trying to make a profit on it.’ 

While another said, ‘I hope you’re stuck with is forever you selfish b****.’ 

During the early phases of COVID-19, toilet paper was the most sought-after supermarket item as many people started to stockpile it. 

It led to nationwide shortages and supermarkets were forced to restrict purchases to two per person.  

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