Bride-to-be complains about her $120 engagement ring after confronting her fiancé

She was worried it won't last without tarnishing

A bride-to-be who was surprised to find out her engagement ring cost $126 has sparked a debate online.

Posting on Reddit, the woman said she confronted her fiancé after realising the ring was made of gold-plated rose metal.

Worried the Pandora ring would tarnish over the years, she asked other internet users if she was right to be concerned.

She wrote: ‘I got engaged two weeks ago and was more than happy to say yes even if there was no ring at all,” she continued.

‘But there was one and it looked beautiful at first until I later inspected it that night. It looked like a normal engagement ring but the metal didn’t seem heavy.

‘There was also something stamped inside the band that said ALE. I looked it up on Google and it brought me to Pandora’s website.

‘I looked through the website and found my $80 (USD) ring.

‘I won’t lie, I’m upset but not because of the money. It’s because my initial thought was that the ring won’t last.

‘No, this was not meant to be a place holder ring. He meant to give me this as my forever ring that I wear for 40+ years.’

But as she tried to explain her concerns to her partner, he told her that if she liked the look of the ring, then she shouldn’t be complaining.

The woman said while she tried to convey her worries over the ring becoming tarnished, she eventually let it go.

More than a thousand Reddit users replied to her comment, with many saying they would feel the same way.

Some even went as far to suggest it was a ‘red flag’ and she should end the relationship.

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