Bride slammed for giving guests ‘ridiculous’ ultimatum ahead of wedding

Is this a step too far?

A bride-to-be has been slammed online after she gave a stern warning to her guests ahead of her upcoming wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing a post to Facebook, the US-based woman told others she wouldn’t accept their excuses about missing out on her big day despite a recent announcement by the President that urges people not to gather in groups of 10 or more.

A screenshot of the woman’s post, which has since been shared on Reddit, has blocked out her name to protect her identity.

It reads ‘I’m getting married in 37 days. I’ve spent thousands of dollars. I’ve been working out, budgeting, dodging family politics land mines, chased RSVPs, tried my hand [in] both electrical and woodwork, personalised gifts, answered a million emails, and drank lots of wine in the bathtub’.

‘So I feel justified in reminding my guests that I don’t care,’ she wrote.

‘If you miss my wedding because of coronavirus paranoia, you are dead to me,’ she revealed.

(Credit: Reddit)

The post has already received hundreds of comments, with most condemning the bride’s ‘ridiculous’ behaviour.

‘I would be mad too, but damn think about people other than yourself woman,’ one person wrote.

‘Cool, so any wedding guests that have anything resembling an autoimmune or chronic illness will risk their lives by attending her wedding. I’m sure that’s worth the thousands of dollars she spent on her own entitlement,’ another wrote.

However, a few other were quick to sympathise with the woman’s situation, with some revealing they had had to cancel their upcoming nuptials due to coronavirus fears.

‘My wedding was supposed to be next weekend. We just cancelled it. It’s been a rough few days,’ one person revealed.

Others believed the woman was being satirical, claiming she was just trying to express her frustration.

‘I’m sure a lot of brides-to-be can sympathise with putting in time and money and then dealing with the disappointment that your loves ones won’t show and that it’s out of your control,’ commented another.

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