Bride asks for her cousin to be edited in photo after she wears a VERY SHORT dress

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A bride has taken to a Facebook group to ask for her wedding photos to be edited after her cousin turned up in a very revealing dress.

The anonymous bride posted the photo on That’s It, i’m Wedding Shaming asking for her cousin to be photoshopped.

‘Can anyone edit my cousin’s dress on the far left to cover up her boobs, make her dress longer and make her stomach smoother.’

The bride wants her cousin on the far left to be edited. (Credit: Facebook.)

She said that in return for the editing she would donate $3 and that she had permission to edit the photo.

(Credit: Facebook.)

People in the group couldn’t believe that her cousin had worn something so inappropriate and expressed their views in the comments.

‘Why would you wear that to a wedding?’ said one.

‘Would it kill her to wear something knee length?’ added another.

While one person thought the dress was so bad they should remove the cousin from the photo entirely.

‘Disgusting! And to a wedding! No self respect. No respect for the bride and groom. No words or excuse could justify this monstrosity! Cut her out completely! How rude!,’ they exclaimed.

Sadly the bride hasn’t got her perfect edit yet, but some creative people did add their own flair to the pic, including putting the cousin in a white wedding dress!

One of the edits showing the cousin in a white dress… (Credit: Facebook.)
At least she’s covered here!

The cousin’s wedding attire is just the latest in a long line of people wearing in appropriate outfits to weddings. Earlier this year a guest was slammed online for wearing a dress that revealed a bit too much according to some people.

What do you think is appropriate to wear to a wedding?

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