Anti-vaxxer mum admits coronavirus pandemic caused her to rethink opinion on vaccines

She said she was 'fully anti-vax'

A mum who was previously against vaccinating her children has admitted the coronavirus pandemic has changed her views.

Haley Searcy, 26, from Florida, said the disease which has killed tens of thousands of people around the globe made her rethink her views.

Talking to CNN, she described herself as ‘fully anti-vaxx’ when her daughter was born in 2019.

She claimed she had heard accounts of children dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) following vaccinations or having reactions to the jabs.

Despite the lack of medical evidence to support many anti-vaxxers’ claims, there is a community of people against the principle of vaccinations.

Ms Searcy said she ‘begrudgingly’ allowed her doctor to vaccinate her daughter despite her fear of immunisations.

But the coronavirus pandemic has forced her to reconsider the benefit of widespread vaccinations.

‘Since Covid-19, I’ve seen firsthand what these diseases can do when they’re not being fought with vaccines,’ she said.

‘My mother has a lung disease, so if she gets Covid-19 there is no fighting it.

‘I learned as much as I could to speak out against misinformation in the hopes that I could convince more people to stay home and follow social distancing so that she won’t get sick.’

Her realisation comes as scientists all over the world race to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

Clinical trials have begun in several countries but experts have warned that there’s no guarantee a vaccine will be found anytime soon.

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