The Staircase: Shocking new theory emerges about cause of death

The compelling theory captivates viewers.

Netflix’s latest crime documentary, The Staircase, documents the 16-year legal battle of Michael Peterson, a crime novelist accused of killing his wife Kathleen Peterson, after she was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home.

The documentary outlines the many theories surrounding what exactly happened to Kathleen in 2001, but a shocking new theory has trumped all others.

For those yet to watch the series, Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in the couple’s shared home. Police were unable to recreate the incident and never found a murder weapon. The wounds found on the back of Kathleen’s skull were ‘unidentifiable’ by experts. Police were left to ‘guess’ what caused the three massive wounds on her head were caused by, after experts claimed it was not a result of blunt force trauma. 

Releasing a new segment to Youtube, Netflix has revealed the shocking theory that many believe actually happened to Kathleen.

The ‘Owl Theory’ suggest that the wounds on the back of Kathleen’s head were caused by the an owl’s massive talons. The video reveals that Kathleen was found with her hands grasping chunks of her own hair that included microscopic traces of feathers from an unknown bird.?!

The bizarre theory, first pitched by a neighbour, seems oddly plausible. 

Evidence consistent with the idea was found at the crime scene.

A confirmed owl feather and a sliver of wood from a tree were found in a clump of Kathleen’s hair, which had been pulled out by the roots and was found clutched in her dead hand. A re-examination of the collected evidence found two more tiny owl feathers.

A bird expert concluded her injuries were consistent with such an attack, and there had even been other reported owl attacks in the area.

The question still remains, however, what really happened to Kathleen Peterson? 

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