This is the most popular month for divorce according to study

It might not surprise you.
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New year, new you… new relationship?

Statistics from divorce support service Amicable, have shown that more than 40,500 people in the UK will search “divorce” online throughout January, a 25 per cent rise in traffic. Much of this heightened interest in consciously uncoupling falls on and around January 8th, also known as “Divorce Day”, they say.

“The holidays are often a tricky time for couples whose relationships have been under pressure for a while,” Amicable co-founder Kate Daly writes.

“Add in the intense time spent together, financial pressure, extended family critiques and unrealistic expectations (nothing worse than happy people’s Facebook posts) – and it can spell disaster for some relationships.”

As to whether this is reflected in Australia, a quick glance at Google Trends will show you that searches do often drop in December and peak in early January. However, there are noticeable rises in months like June and September, too.  

And while relationships don’t just suddenly fall apart in one month, you might still want to buy your partner an extra nice Christmas present next year…

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