Picture perfect, every time!

Become a pro at smartphone snaps with these easy tips
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With the new digital age, it’s never been easier to take a snap when out and about. Next time you’re posing for the perfect pic, try out these tips to get the best shot, every time!

Time to focus:

When using the camera setting on your smartphone, be sure to go into the settings beforehand and chose the Pro option. This super setting makes sure all your pictures come out crisp and in focus every time. To make sure your shot is clear, tap the screen before clicking the shutter so it focuses on the subject you’re shooting.

Get low:

The next time you’re taking a full-length photo, squat a little lower to level out the top and bottom framing so your subject is center. This will ensure you don’t get tiny long legs or a big head. Naturally, we focus our camera downwards when shooting, so this simple action levels your framing out.

Paper power:

A little trade secret you can use to get the most definition when taking a portrait is holding up paper to highlight and illuminate. A white sheet of paper held downwards bellow the camera will throw the light up to reflect on your subject and give them a lovely glow. For shadow definition, hold a black piece of paper to the left or right side of your subject to highlight their profile.



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