Mum shares a snap of her son’s personalised pencil after spotting major spelling fail

But, can you spot the mistake?

Australian mother Nicole Jones has used her ‘mum brain’ to her son’s personalised pencil case when she noticed something was wrong with the DIY letters. 

First posting the picture of the pencil cases’ provided DIY letters, the mother told a Facebook mums group that she noticed there was one crucial thing missing.

pencil case
(Credit: Nicole Jones)

There was a letter missing from the collection – an ‘F’ to be exact. Unfortunately for Nicole, the ‘F’ was crucial in spelling her son’s name – Felix. 

‘Bought this for my son Felix and there’s no F!’ she wrote.

The post was quickly met with many ideas to fix the mishap, including mother’s telling Nicole to simply turn an ‘E’ into an ‘F’.

However, Nicole told 9Honey: ‘My son is on the spectrum so if it’s different from the other letters he won’t use it.’

That’s when the mummy brain kicked it! 

Nicole reprinted her own letters, with some special flair, so her son’s pencil case was totally unique! 

We love the final product. 

pencil case 2
(Credit: Nicole Jones)

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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