Mum baffled by shaming lunchbox note slamming her daughter’s snack

‘This must be a joke?’

A mother has been left flabbergasted after her daughter brought home a note criticising her lunchbox snack.

According to Kidspot, the mum posted a photo of the note labeled ‘Healthy Snacks’ which read that her daughter’s packet of sultanas are ‘unacceptable at kindy’ because they’re high in sugar.

‘This must be a joke? Of course they are high in sugar they are fruit!’ the mum exclaimed.

Even worse – the note literally says above that dried fruit are okay along with tinned and fresh fruit.

The packet of sultanas contained, as the mum says, ‘literally sultanas and vegetable oil’.

Speaking to Kidspot, Julie Gilbert, spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, says that while the teachers may have good intentions, they really should leave it to the parents.

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‘It may be the only source of fruit that the parents can get the child to eat. There could be a lot of reasons why they have packed what they have for their kid’s lunch.

‘We should not be shaming parents for making better choices. They should not involve their own opinions and biases.’

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