This mum will help get rid of your kid’s head lice

So you don’t have to.
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It’s back to school time and if there’s one thing that makes parents’ skin crawl, it’s head lice.

But one Melbourne mum is taking the wingless blood-suckers into her own hands with a mobile head lice removal services.

Anna Cukierman offers to extract the insects from children’s heads “like a monkey”.

“I get phone calls from very distraught parents saying, ‘Please come and save me’,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Her business is generated through word-of-mouth, and she receives many recommendations from online parenting forums.

“People are time poor. A lot of times the kids just won’t sit for mum, and I’m someone else’s mum so they’ll sit nice and politely for me,” she said.

“They’ll sit there for hours and I can sit there for hours and pull nits and bugs.”

She doesn’t mind doing it, either.

“My husband can turn around and say my wife is a nitpicker,” she said with a laugh.

“And I have to go, ‘Yeah, I am’.

“There are not many jobs people are genuinely grateful [for], but this is one.”

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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