Meghan Markle has been ‘banned’ from wearing this during her tour of Australia

The royal must steer clear!
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be touching down in Australia in October to attend the Sydney Invictus Games, and it’s been revealed that the Duchess of Sussex is ‘banned’ from wearing one particular look.

A Kensington Royal insider told the Daily Mail, ‘Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal.

‘Meghan wanted to wear a tuxedo-style suit but Harry said it wasn’t traditional enough.’

harry and meghan
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Many royal fans believe Meghan’s desire to wear a tuxedo could be a nod to Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

The Princess of Wales dared to arrive at a Genesis concert in February 1984 dressed in a white tuxedo-style jacket and black trousers. 

Four years later, she adapted the look, attending a charity event in a new Howell black dinner suit with a green taffeta waistcoat and bow tie, pushing Royal dressing boundaries.

Princess Di
Princess Diana, 1988 (Credit: Getty Images)

Considering Meghan has never been shy of breaking royal tradition, we have a feeling the newly minted Duchess, might opt for some modern looks on her tour later this year. 

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