Married at First Sight: Ashley’s sister exposes hit show in new Instagram post

This is shocking.
Channel 9

Another shocking twist on an already shocking season of Married At First Sight is about to rock fans across Australia. 

Following intense public backlash and scrutiny on bride Ashely Irvin, who is paired with ‘goofball’ Troy, the blonde beauty’s sister has weighed in on the situation, and exposed the show as ‘fake’ and ‘staged.’ 

Sharing an image of the two making a love heart with their hands, Summer Irvin wrote a lengthy and emotional post directed to her sister.

It breaks my heart to see you get upset over strangers opinions on the internet,’ she writes. ‘Ashley is the funniest, most positive, harmless person you will ever meet.’

Summer continues by expressing Ashley’s desire to find ‘the man of her dreams.’

You applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams,’ she says. ‘Little did you know you got matched with someone who didn’t even apply (when over 7000 did).’

In the shocking statement, Summer implies that Ashley’s groom Troy didn’t even apply to the match-making show and is simply an actor. 

She continues, ‘Every time you actually wanted to have a genuine conversation that wasn’t for the camera you got a cold shoulder.

‘You were tested every step of the way and deliberately pushed beyond anyone’s breaking point and you handled yourself with class and dignity.’

Summer adds that Troy was there for his ‘future in television.’

‘As much as Troy is a goofball he also does a fantastic job playing up for the cameras and is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV.

‘I’m sorry you got dragged along for the ride and I’m sorry Australia is believing his feelings for you are genuine when the only genuine thing about the show is you rolling your eyes to his antics.’

Summer finishes her post by telling her sister how much she loves her. 

‘Ashley I love you and I know you will one day find the love you so deserve…I will defend you fearlessly.’

Fans were quick to respond to Summer’s shocking allegations. 

Agreed!! Ash is a realist ❤ .. and no one with a brain is buying Troy’s act 😂’ one wrote.

Another added, ‘Oh, and a actor hey? Not super surprised and not fair at all.’

‘Could pick it a mile away, and he certainly isn’t the only actor in the 20,’ another concurred. 

Both Troy and Channel Nine are yet to respond. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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