Kmart’s adorable Halloween pet costumes are driving everyone wild

Give your furry friends a spook-tacular makeover.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to put your scariest foot forward and organize a costume.

And if you have a furry friend, why not include them in all the fun?

We’ve discovered that Kmart has the most affordable – and adorable – costumes for your pets.

costume 1
Medium pumpkin pet costume, $7, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)
costume 2
Small Bumble Bee Pet Costume, $7, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)

From bumble-bees and bats to spiders and sharks, your pet is spoilt for choice, with prices starting at just $5.

costume 3
Large spider pet costume, $7, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)
costume 4
Small bat pet costume, $5, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)

There are a range of sizes available at Kmart, too, so many different types of four-legged friends are covered.

costume 5
Medium shark pet costume, $7, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)

The small size best fits Jack Russells, Pugs, Shih Tzus and Pomeranian breeds, while the medium size is most suitable for West Highland terriers, Fox terriers and French bulldogs.

costume 6
Extra large pineapple pet costume, $7, Kmart. (Credit: Kmart)

The large size best fits Kelpies, Staffies, Standard Schnauzers, Bull Terriers and Beagles, while the extra-large size is most suitable for Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles and English Setters.

costume 7
(Credit: Kmart)

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This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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