This incredible Kmart hack will change the way you store fruit forever

And it's so cheap!
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One mother has taken to Facebook group, Kmart Mums Australia, to share her amazing Kmart kitchen hack to stop her fruit spilling out from her fruit bowl – and we’re loving it!

‘This is my current fruit bowl situation and it drives me bonkers. After Kmart fruit bowl hacks pretty please,’ one mother posed to the group.

fruit bowl
(Credit: Kmart Mums Group/Facebook)

Kmart lovers, and nifty mothers, were quick to post their suggestions. 

One particular method took the cake when it came to fruit storage. Taking two $7 fruit bowls and a $5 plant stand, one mother discovered the most efficient (and cheapest!) way to store her fruit without it spilling over. 

To replicate the trick at home, all you need to do is slide your two fruit bowls into a pot stand in order to create a chic two-tiered fruit bowl. 

‘I love this stand idea as I have a basked on top of the fridge [because] I have no space for it,’ one person wrote.

‘Cheap, fits heaps and the kids can reach it easy as,’ another excited mum added.   

kmart bowl
(Credit: Kmart Mums Group/Facebook)

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