‘Genius’ laundry hack leaves parents amazed

It's so simple, we can't believe we hadn't thought of it before!

A ridiculously simple way to hang out baby laundry has been share almost 30,000 times by parents who can’t believe they didn’t think of it sooner.

The hack, from the Facebook group Nubs and Bumps, involves using the poppers to hang up rompers instead of pegs.

(Credit: Nubs & Bumps)

The photo divided many parents with some thinking it was ‘genius’ and others unimpressed.

‘This is brilliant,’ said one mum.

‘Good idea, saves using loads of pegs because mines are always disappearing or breaking. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!’ added another.

‘The person who came up with this possibly doesn’t have a child of their own? This would take far too long,’ commented a dad.

‘Omg! How long would it take to button up all those press studs! No sleep deprived mummy / daddy is doing this…’ added another.

What do you think – genius or pointless?

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