Game of Thrones’ costumes use surprise IKEA item

Jon Snow has been walking around wearing this

High fashion is hard to come by at The Wall, we assume, which is why we‘ve long admired the rugged achievements of the Night’s Watch on Game Of Thrones. They manage to protect and serve while draped in fine winter coats, and with no stores in sight! How do they pull it off? By draping themselves in rugs from IKEA, apparently.

Michele Clapton, the costume designer for the first five seasons, made the humorous revelation during a lecture at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. While the speech was given in May last year, it wasn’t until Buzzfeed pointed it out that fans began freaking out.

“These capes are actually IKEA rugs,” she revealed. “We take anything we can. We cut, and then we shaved them, and then we added strong leather straps, and breakdown which is like a religion on Game of Thrones.”

She also revealed that the rugs are waxed and frosted to fit in with the wintry landscape of the North.

So, which fabulous rug has been thrown over the shoulders over of our favourite Jon Snow all this time? We think the SKOLD Sheepskin Rug in black looks like a pretty decent contender, and it’s only $79.

IKEA Skold rug is our key pick for Jon Snow's costume.
(Credit: IKEA)

This article first published on InStyle.

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