Use this food hack when dining out to slash your calorie intake

A study has found this clever trick can help you lose weight when going out for food.

It’s no secret that going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a dangerous idea. When your tummy is grumbling it can be hard to resist the cheeky treat foods. We’re far more likely to leave with our trolleys piled high with fat and sugar heaving snacks than with just the loo paper and milk we rolled in for. If you’re trying to lose weight this is a dangerous trap.

I went grocery shoppping on an empty stomach and am now the proud owner of aisle 5.

Turns out this effect isn’t just limited to the supermarket aisles! A study has found that ordering food from a take out or a restaurant when you’re already hungry can lead to unhealthier food choices. So what does that mean if you’re trying to lose weight?

Do yourself a favour and place your order at least an hour before you plan to eat and chances are you’ll make a healthier choice and enjoy your meal just as much.

Author of the study, Dr Eric VanEpps says, ‘the results suggest that by ordering meals in advance, the likelihood of making indulgent purchases is drastically reduced.’

Check out this Daily Mail article for more.

Mother and daughter ordering food at a restaurant.
The study finds making your order an hour earlier can lead to healthier choices. (Credit: Getty)

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