File with style

Organise your important forms with this easy-peasy project

What you need:

large cardboard sheet

ruler and pencil

pencil (with an eraser end)

2 sheets of 50cm x 65cm card in different colours (we used blue and purple)

double sided tape

  1. Lay the cardboard sheet on a stable surface. Using the ruler and pencil, mark out two 23cm x 32cm rectangles. Cut out the rectangles.
  2. Using the purple card, cut a strip 8cm by 32cm from the sheet’s length and then two rectangles 32.5cm x 42cm. Placing your strip aside for later, use the white paint and the eraser end of your pencil to dab white polka dot spots to the purple rectangular sheets. When you’re happy with your design, leave to dry.
  3. Once dry, place your purple sheets, print-side down, with the cardboard placed centrally on top. Apply double-sided tape 4cm from the cardboard edges. Add small snips to the purple corners if required and smooth down the overlapping edges firmly to cover. Make a 1cm fold to each of the long edges of the purple strip, apply tape and secure to one end of the now covered cardboard sheets to join.
  4. Finally, lay out the blue sheet, cut out two 12cm x 22cm strips and fold accordion style to create the expandable sides of your organiser, leaving 1cm gaps between folds. Then cut 3 sheets from the blue card, a half centimetre bigger than a normal A4 sheet, adding a tab to the tops to help you file more easily. Use double-sided tape to attach to the inside of every second accordion fold to create folders.
  5. To put it all together, add tape to the shorter side edges of the purple rectangles and secure the accordion folded lengths before use.
Photography: Michelle Tan

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