Eight genius uses for your lint roller

Who would have thought?
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The lint roller. A small, sticky, lightweight tool used for removing those annoying small fibres from your clothes. However, it can be a handy device when it comes to cleaning some of life’s other messes, especially when you don’t want to get the vacuum cleaner out.

You might be surprised by just how many cleaning applications (and even a few crafty projects) you can use your lint roller for.

1. On your fuzzy towels

If you’ve noticed your bath set looks a little pilly, run over it with a lint roller and watch as the cloth gets a fresh new look about it.

2. In your car

The lint rollers is much less hefty than the vacuum cleaner and can also fit into those nooks and crannies where vacuum attachments struggle to reach.

3. In your sewing room

You know those annoying threads and dropped pins? Use your lint roller to trap them on the sticky paper and make fast work when tidying up.

4. Over broken glass

Running your lint roller over the area where you have broken glass will help ensure you pick up every tiny shard.

5. When you have sunburn…

Or more to the point, when your sunburn starts peeling. If you’ve been badly sunburnt and the skins starts to peel, rolling a lint roller over the skin won’t rip it off, but it will remove the dead skin that’s ready to peel.

6. If you have dandruff

Sufferers of dandruff rejoice, you can remove the often unsightly white evidence from your clothes with the simple scroll of a lint roller.

7. In your handbag

If the bottom of your handbag (or any bag for that matter) gets filled with random debris (seriously, where does that stuff come from?!) swiping your lint roller a couple of times through the bag will help remove crumbs and crusty bits.

8. When you’ve been crafting

The tackiness of your lint roller makes it the perfect tool for picking up glitter, slivers of paper, and other DIY and crafty messes. You can also use your lint roller to assist in making a rolling stamp — great for those painting projects with the grandies!

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