Cracking good fun!

Create a egg-cellent piñata to crack open over Easter

You will need:


Loose pieces of scrap newspaper

PVA glue and a small bowl of water

Acrylic paint in your chosen colour

Assorted tissue paper

Paintbrush and scissors


  1. Taking your balloon, blow it up till it’s reached a medium egg like shape and tie off. Working on a stable surface, dip your newspaper into the PVA water mixture before laying along the balloon to cover. Continue till you’ve formed a thick shell of paper around the balloon. Leave to dry. 
  2. Once your papier-mâché cast is dry, use your scissors to cut a small hole in the paper layers/balloon, bursting the balloon and removing the left over rubber once deflated. Using your chosen acrylic colour and paintbrush, paint the papier-mâché cast and leave to dry.
  3. Now that you have your egg shaped shell, fill the egg with your lollies through the hole you created in step 2 before covering with left over paper and glue.
  4. Decorate your egg by taking your tissue paper and cutting long 5cm wide strips from the sheets. Add small snips to one end to create texture before sticking the uncut edges along the egg using PVA glue. Continue using different colours as pictured to layer and cover the whole papier-mâché egg. Leave to dry before use.

Wishing you a Happy Easter! 

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