Constance Hall: My anxiety over impending exhaustion

The pregnant mummy blogger speaks out.

She due to deliver her unborn son on the 28th but mummy blogger Constance Hall has revealed she’s been suffering with worries about her ‘impending exhaustion’.

Taking to her Facebook page, Constance – who is expecting her fifth child – spoke about the reality of motherhood.

‘For the last 9 months I’ve had anxiety over my impending exhaustion,’ she wrote.

‘No matter how experienced you are with babies there is an inevitable period of time that’s so exhausting that normal human functioning becomes next to impossible. 

‘Having twin new borns and 2 other kids 5 and under I’ve been so tired that I vomited or suffered a migraine when I was woken up, which at one point was every 30 minutes.

‘It was another level of tired the kind of tired that makes you prey for morning, for the torture to just stop.’

She went on to say her partner, Denim, has reassured her that he will take the new baby so she can sleep.

‘But we all know…. true colours are exposed at 2am when your wife and baby are covered in sh*t bawling their eyes out together,’ she went on with trademark candour. 

Constance said she wants to trust that things will be ‘fair’ between them once the baby comes.

‘But from what I witness all around me women have become very good at being exhausted,’ she wrote. 

‘I believe in equal rights for mothers and fathers, I believe in the equal importance in their roles..

‘I just don’t believe we have reached equality in our homes yet and until we do women will be left learning to accept and men learning to expect our exhaustion.’

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